Best features of iOS 12, List of features you will get when you update your iPhone iOS.

IOS 12 Features
Best features of iOS 12, List of features you will get when you update your iPhone iOS.
For all users who were waiting for software update for iOS on iPhones or iPads, the new iOS 12 is available in the market and being able to upgradable to all compatible iOS devices. Those devices which is upwards of iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2, are eligible to upgrade the iOS 12 update.
iOS 12 includes a new features, having performance boost of your device, more responsive typing, open camera 70% faster, while keyboard will be 50% faster than before.

Here are the top best features of iOS 12
Siri shortcuts

In the recent time, Amazon Alexa and Google assistance moved forward and surpassed the Siri’s capabilities, it's good to see Siri comes with its iOS 12 to meet the challenges.
`Siri Shortcuts’ allows developers to create Siri-enabled actions for their applications. Users can customise these Shortcuts by creating a simple voice command to perform the task.

Sharing of password between iOS and Mac device
This new feature of iOS 12 will allow users to pick up same passwords from their iOS devices and get them on to their macOS devices and vice-versa.

Group FaceTime calls
The new iOS 12 includes the features of group FaceTime calls which makes enable to club as many as 32 users in one Group FaceTime call.
The first participants of the FaceTime call will get their own windows on the top half of the screen, while all other participants users will be seen in a scroll at the bottom of the screen. The focusing feature was that when a participant say something, their window animates pop out to become more clear, indicating that the person is speaking something.

Measure AR App
The AR App comes with the more enhancement with iOS 12. You can download Measure app from the App Store and it is the most useful feature of iOS 12. The app uses ARKit 2 to measure accurately 3D objects and spaces. Users will be able to identify any objects and spaces with their camera on the device and simply tap and drag to measuring scale along the edges of the object or space to get real-time measurements. Measure AR App will also detect automatically certain dimensions such as the size of a image in a defined photo frame.

Voice Memos on iPad
With the latest iOS 12, Voice Memos features into iPad. The iPhone audio recording app will be available on the iPad featuring with iCloud storage, so you can access your voice recording memos from anywhere anytime.

Memojis With Effects
Memoji’s used to express emotion of themselves. Users now can get new effect of animated avatars of themselves. Memojis allow their users to create animated avatars of themselves, complete with the customise facility of anything from haircuts, to eye colour, accessories, and more. With the iOS 12 update, iPhone X and above users will be able to create Memojis direct from the Messages app and capable to add stickers and effects to them before sharing them with friends. You can use Memojis within a regular or group FaceTime call as well. The existing bundle of Animoji also expanded featured with new ghost, koala, tiger and T. rex animojis. In addition, both Memojis and Animojis now feature tongue and wink detection.

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