Google uses artificial intelligence to remove watermark from image easily, shows way to reinforce it

Google shows how artificial intelligence is helping to remove watermark from an image and how to counter this.

It's a common practice to make image ownership and make sure that photo taken or captured by someone is not used without the prior permission or created by creating watermark on it. This is the common way to make image Authorization which prevents the images from being used without proper licensing or permissions, however, it is not as robust as previously thought. Google has recently published and presented a research titled, “Making Visible Watermarks More Effective” which describe how watermarks can be removed easily using Artificial intelligence and how to deceive this problem.

Google uses artificial intelligence to remove watermark

Where one may think that removing watermark from image is quite difficult, however, given sample amount of images with a similar watermark, an Artificial intelligence can quite easily analyse the watermark’s lines and curves and execute an algorithm accordingly to remove it from image. Google has published their research with the intent of exposing this vulnerability and also patching it effectively.

The research accepts that the usage of thin shadows and lines makes removal of a watermark difficult admit given a single image. Utilizing this property, a multi image optimization problem is selected to find out the watermark’s decomposition in the image and use this to dissociate the watermark (foreground) from a clean part of the rest of the images (background). By using the same watermark over a span of images, acknowledge the consistent manner being used to apply it. Thus, any image holding an analyzed watermark can be abolish free of it. Even changing the opacity or position of the watermark has no effect. This seems bad news for stock image providers and curators but Google has also described a method of circumventing this problem.

To sidestep the problem of effective watermark removal, Google use a technique called ‘Warping.’ Warping a watermark little will cause problems in encounter them and substantially hinder the working of a watermark removing algorithm and technique. the algorithm of removing the watermark will also need to estimate the warp field being executed to the watermarks for that image which is something difficult task. As the vulnerability being published by Google is based on the regulatory of watermarks, to counter the problem, irregularity are introduced while layering the watermarks onto an image.

The research shows that many other types of randomizations can be used to make less effective watermark removal, however, warping is one of the easiest methods to use it. The research concludes by saying that there is no guarantee that such randomized methods will not be circumvented in the near future, however, randomization will make more effective of watermarks removal.

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